Saturday, December 31, 2011


Is anyone else wondering where 2011 went? I can't believe how fast this year went, no sooner were we over Christmas than Easter was upon us. Once we got through that, we jumped up to start counting all our bits and pieces for the annual stock take. Over to another lot of holidays, showcased a bit of PR, moved across to our 2nd Retreat at the beautiful Hume Resort, kicked off the AFL finals (go Cats...), then fluttered into Cup Fever on the run up to Christmas - and caput! - another year over!

In amongst that we had the teenagers hitting a whole new level of attitude at 15 and 17, and the new old mate clocking up 50. That really had to be the best one though, the weekend (shock / horror) after Retreat we had a Surprise 50th for our new Old Mate! I was a bit panic stricken that he most certainly already knew, because he just doesn't miss a trick..................... Imagine my shock when we all saw that he actually didn't know!!!!! The new Old Mate turned 50, and he had no idea about the party - how awesome is that?

In amongst all this Scrapville ran their first Copic Club, with monthly Classes teaching the girls how to produce some beautiful cards, whilst learning all the ins and outs of Copic Techniques. As a result we have extended our range of stamps and markers, and are already looking forward to the 2012 Copic Club.

Our ladies in the Flower Tech classes learned the skill of hand making an assorted range of Flowers using various techniques and materials. They left each class with a beautifully created card displaying their stunning flowers. It was wonderful to see these stunning flowers also appearing on the girl's challenge layouts and cards, as a clear indication of some satisfying achievements.

Scrapville's BYO Cricut Class was once again popular, with those new to their machines reaping the benefits of learning the many qualities this machine provides under the instruction of Allana. A start to finish hands on class where you get to know your machine, and learn about it's many uses hands on.

Our off the page canvas was also a popular class, with the girls focusing their skills on painting, inking, embossing and altering chip shapes, before starting on a variety of beautifully quilled and creatively arranged flowers. Like our Blind CropVille's, no two are ever the same! I love how the girls always add their own touch to the canvas, with their choice of quilled flowers differing in their designs and colour, and each arranged according to individual preferences.

September saw Scrapville's 2nd RetreatVille at the beautiful Hume Resort. The shop was well stocked and had ample space, the food was magnificent, and the tables seated fabulous groups of ladies who were a pleasure to host. Our Girls Night In was lots of fun, and of course our Blind Crop also proved an added bonus. Heather ran a wonderful class, producing a multi photo layout using stitching. Overall it was a wonderful and relaxing time for all.

Our grunge and heritage classes also proved popular, utilizing new and creative techniques. We found the Christmas Wreath to be a popular class again, and each one turned out fabulous.

Over the year we also shared wonderful creations from our talented Creative Team Girls, and Guest Members. They have done a wonderful job throughout the year, and I would like to acknowledge their contributions, time and effort whilst on the Scrapville Creative Team.

To Sally, Heather, Sam, Nikki, Michelle and Sarah a huge thank-you. To the girls who have also helped out in the shop, shows or Retreat, also a huge thank-you to Allana, Heather, Sam, Michelle and Sarah.

To the new friendships I have made this year, and the wonderful people I have met and hopefully been able to help in some way. It is wonderful getting to know you all, and share in your passions.

As one door closes another opens, and we will be sharing the talents of our newest Creative Team Members, Claire, Anita and Deb, along with Sally, to introduce a temptation of Creativity to get your new year moving. We will also be bringing on board some new class instructors, and a variety of new classes for 2012. 

I would like to thank my in-store customers for coming in, whether from near or far, and for all their support during the year. To the subscribers of our Monthly Packs, and those that enter our Challenges and ScrapBursts, thank you also. The cold hard reality is that without your support scrapbooking and card making shop fronts will continue to close.

Last but not least, thank you to the new Old Mate for your support and understanding, your help with the shows and retreat, and for entertaining the girls when you drop in during classes (...maybe "thanks a lot Janet!!" was not how they really meant it, but that is how I intend to interpret it!!!) To the teenagers for helping out when you can, and understanding, or putting up with - the hours I put in away from home. (I'm hoping the internet, coaching basketball and the soccer write-ups buy me some points!! ...that and saving you from the new Old Mate's cooking!)

I hope you're looking forward to another year at Scrapville as we continue to grow the passion.

Janet Watt


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