Friday, February 18, 2011

Show Me! Show Me! Show Meeeee!!!!!

Well, do you want to see? I really think you should, so I have made a decision to show you...........

Well, I have made a decision to SHOW your WORK at the local Wodonga Show. Yes, it's the 64th Annual Show, and the Wodonga Show Society needs YOU! .....well it needs your Scrapbooking. The rest of the fun stuff is a bonus, like the Fairy Floss, and the Octopus and the Dodgems and the baby animals and the parades... by golly you should just go and check it out!! (you might see some Scrapbooking too.....)

Ok girls, it's like this: I am entering (on behalf of Scrapville) individual entries from YOU into each of the four (4) Classes. Anyone that submits an entry (within the specified WSS criteria) through Scrapville is eligible for one (1) Scrapville Gift Voucher if you are placed as a Prize Winner. That's four (4) Scrapville Gift Vouchers up for grabs, and you get to display your beautiful work.
  • Now you must, however, be a current Customer Member, listed on Scrapville's Email Listing, to be considered eligible by Scrapville. (you can still sign up….) 
  • You must bring your entries to Scrapville, where they will be Named on the back, with the Class Entered, and placed in a plastic album sleeve. 
  • Your Entry Fees must be paid in full and submitted to Scrapville with your completed Entry Form. 
  • All Class Entry Fee payments will be duly receipted by Scrapville. 
  • Scrapville will finalize Entry Fees for submission of your Projects upon lodgment to the Secretary of the Wodonga Show Society prior to 4.00pm on Wednesday, 16th March.
The Notice to Exhibitors states that all entries are to be Bona Fide work by the Exhibitor, must have been completed within the last two (2) years, and not previously won 1st Prize in Section 47
You may enter three (3) projects per Class, per Exhibitor. (Scrapville will support only ONE Exhibitor nominated work from multiple entries in each Class, as eligibility for a Scrapville Gift Voucher (if you enter four (4) Classes you have four (4) chances).

Please finalize your entries to Scrapville no later than 4.30pm Tuesday, 15th March. 
Entry Fees are .50c each project.
  • CLASS 15: Family &/or Friends       - SINGLE LAYOUT 
  • CLASS 16: Pets                           - SINGLE LAYOUT 
  • CLASS 17: Holidays                      - SINGLE LAYOUT 
  • CLASS 18: **Off The Page Item    - SMALL ARTICLE.
**eg: Use TECHNIQUES on items such as a Small Box, Treasure Chest, Photo Frame etc.  (this is restricted to an item that can be handled by one person)

How nice would it be to see all your beautiful work on display at the 64th Annual Wodonga Show? Let's have a go girls and support the Community at the Show, and your local Scrapbooking Shop. There is plenty of time to get ready and submit your work. I'll be waiting.......


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